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Contactless proximity payments, ideal for stores equipped with the right NFC equipment, in countries which don’t use credit cards as a means of payment and in non-banking countries, for payments with pre-paid cards.

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The revolution in payment is now possible in Europe with the European Payment Service Directive and the Eletronic Money Institution regulation. Please ask us to help you get the appropriate regulatory status to operate fully in your country. We can help you get your own status, with our technology.

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Mobile phone is The new numeric silex. Ready to go for a text message. A poke on Facebook. An urgent weather report alert. A breaking news. The nearest merchant. And now to send and receive money safe. Without queuing.

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Facebook generation. Tribal Marketing. Green. Sustainable. Mobile Payment is natural for the digital native generation.

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micro finance

Save some time. Save some money. No need to meet an agent for a face-to-face payment. Distance payment for small amounts is quick and safe now.

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Because your mobile number is unique in the world. Like your Email. Lemon Way says : your mobile number becomes a payment account. No dream. No illusion. Our technolgy.

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Bank 100% mobile

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Mobile banking: when I want. Where I want. On my mobile phone. Read More

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Mobile Payment : send money, pay a merchant, pay a bill, receive money on your mobile phone. Read More

Secure transactions

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Keep personal data safe !

Intrusion detection, anti money laundering (AML), anti terrorism, personaly exposed persons survey (PEPs).

More about security

Nearest support

Professional Services

A network of certified experts for a better mobile experience in your country.

Second level support directly from the editor

Marketing advices, facebook campains, technical support, security patches.

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Lemon Way created. Launch of a 2 year R&D phase, with the support the European and French authorities. Company Aim: to shape the future of the payment market, by introducing a light electronic banking platform, adapted to mobile phones and wireless innovations.
Prototype with La Banque Postale (French Bank).


Lemon Way wins the “Concours National de la Recherche” (National Research Competition) 2008.
French Banking Groups deploy our first mobile banking platform– Wonderbank mBanking.


European deployment of Wonderbank mBanking and Wonderbank mTrading platforms, including at customers such National Bank of Greece, Groupama Banque, etc.
First « live » customers for the Wonderbank mPayment mobile platform in Madagascar.


Opening of international distribution network, covering: Canada, Africa, Middle East and Persian Gulf.
Signature of new Wonderbank mPayment customers in Africa (Cameroun, etc.)
Launch of Wonderbank mPayment for PSPs, under white labelling.


Launch of the Payment Company under its own brand – Lemon Way:, targeting the young European populations.
Launch of a new contact less payment product: Wonderbank mPayment NFC.
Opening of the London office.

Banking and daily Mobile Payments



Lemon Way is a publisher of innovative mobile solutions, for the banking and payment-processing industry. Lemon Way will also be a mobile payment service provider, performing mobile payment transactions, throughout Europe.

As market pioneers, our primary aim is to help our clients implement a range of solutions, such as Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment and Mobile Trading. With a mobile phone it’s now possible to instantly and securely view bank statements and perform payment transactions.

Lemon Way’s customers primarily operate within the telecommunications and banking industries, including micro finance, electronic payment and intermediary payment-processing companies.

In developing countries, non bank account holders now have access to a simple method of payment, which is instant and safer than cash, often associated with a high risk.


Daily mobile payments:

Mobile phones are more and more being used universally to conduct financial transactions, be it for small or large amounts. The most common transactions include:


  • P2P mPayment: Daily, send money to your friends mobile or pay remotely with a wide range of mobile phones.
  • Mobile Remittances: send money to your family abroad in total security and without any delay.
  • Easy way to pay your Bills: debit your card or bank account or for non-bank account holders, your mPayment account, which would have been credited by a previous cash transfer made via a network agent.
  • Make daily payments: in shops, garages, restaurants, tennis clubs, public transportation, etc. with your mobile phone, rather than using cash or a check, whose popularity as a payment method is in decline.



Lemon Way markets Wonderbank mPayment, offering a complete and ready-to-use solution for the deployment of mobile payment services. This package is commercialized in two ways:
  • License Mode: a ready to use software, licensed to our customers, hosted within a Customer’s IT infrastructure or by Lemon Way in its PCI-DSS hosting environment.
  • White Labelling Mode: Lemon Way runs the mobile payment service for you, acting as the payment service provider under your own brand. The service is highly secure, independent from other customers and tailor made for each customer.


Latest information

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Payment Software

Wonderbank mPayment is a light, robust, flexible and user-friendly payment platform. Your back-office architecture SOA can be easily integrated, enabling the rapid deployment of a whole host of innovative mobile services. Wonderbank mPayment also comes with an administrative interface for network members and retailers: acting as a true back-office for managing payments.

Totally independent from Telecom Operators, the platform is compatible with NFC wireless technology, the PCI-DSS, ISO 8583 Visas norms and with standards used by the e-banking world (EBICS, Web Services, clearing and compensation software).


Texext2Pay (SMS)

Available to over 5 billion users, payment via Text or USSD enables monetary transfers and payments to be made in emerging countries, where banking is under developed. The technology applied by the Wonderbank platform is totally independent from the Telecom Operators.

Wonderpay SMS


Mobile Internet

Ideal for Internet mobile Banking without having to install an application or for users resistant to conventional banking. My bank where I want it, when I want it.



Mobile Application

Complementary or an alternative to Internet access, users can install secure applications directly on their mobile phones from mobile application stores. Ideal for long distance payments and transferring money, as well as making payments on eCommerce and mCommerce websites, Mobile Applications are easy to use and consume less internet connections.



NFC Contacless

Contactless proximity payments, ideal for stores equipped with the right NFC equipment, in countries which don’t use credit cards as a means of payment and in non-banking countries, for payments with pre-paid cards.

Wonderpay NFC